Marwa ElDiwiny from Twente University joins WEAFING project

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Marwa ElDIiwiny is a first-year Ph.D. student at RAM lab, the University of Twente where she working as a Ph.D. student as part of the EU funded WEAFING project(Wearable electroactive Fabric Integrated in Garment). Her doctoral research investigates the modeling, and simulation of the smart actuated garment where the ionic electroactive polymer technology is deployed.

She hosts IEEE RAS soft Robotics Podcast where researchers from both academia and industry are interviewed about their thoughts and ideas about the soft robotics field. She is also a communication volunteer at Women in Leadership Europe where she conducts interviews with female leaders about their experience in leadership in their communities.

Her main research interest centers on modeling, design, and simulation of ionic electroactive polymer for actuating fabric. Her master thesis was UAV anti-stealth technology for safe operation.

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