Mehraeen, S.; Asadi, M.; Martinez, J. G.; Persson, N. K.; Jager, E. W. H.

The international conference on electroactive polymers "EuroEAP" was organised from 4 to 6 June 2019 by the Chair of Microsystems Technology at TU Dresden with the support of the Chair of Acoustics and Haptics.

Focal points of the conference are:
- Development and characterisation of EAP materials, including ionic EAP (e.g. polymer gels, ionic polymer-metal composites, conductive polymers and carbon nanotubes) and electrical EAP (e.g. piezoelectric polymers, electrostrictive polymers, dielectric elastomers, liquid crystal elastomers and CNT aerogels).
- Novel EAP materials
- Design, fabrication, characterisation and testing of devices (actuators, sensors, generators)
- Modelling, simulation and control of devices and systems- Development and validation of applications.

The EuroEAP is characterised by its very interdisciplinary character and international participant composition.

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